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Intrusion Detection is in my eyes one of the hottest topics in IT Security at the moment.

I did myself do some work in the area. The first thing which unfortunately I can not disclose was a LogAnalyzer written in Java that you can run on any logfile and define rules to process the logs.

The even more interesting work was THOR. I am right now about to write a research paper about it and publish it on a security conference. Meanwhile there is my Thesis report which is downloadable online!

And one last project of myself related to IDS is Odin. It's about a Switzerland-wide Intrusion Detection System. The project is just about to be defined and launched. Not a lot there yet, but this should soon change!

I finally set up a intrusion detection mailing list. The goal is to bring people in the Bay Area together who are interested in IDS.

Table of Contents

1. CVE
2. Evaluation Criteria
3. General
4. HoneyPot
5. Incident Response
6. Links
7. LogAnalysis
9. TcpDump
10. Tools

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